Our Leaders

As a Presbyterian body, City Church is elder-led. We also have a small staff that consists of a Lead Pastor, a Director of Community, a Pastoral Assistant, and the Director of City Kids, our family ministry. In addition, we also have a diaconate that provides structure and care for needs within the church and without.   

  • C.J. Degroot


    C.J. DeGroot and his wife Keri were members of City Church’s church plant leadership team. C.J. and Keri have lived in Lafayette Square since 2008 and have two daughters (4 and 2) and a newborn son. C.J. is an engineer for The Boeing Company and enjoys soccer, cycling, and playing drums at City Church. 


    Drew and his wife have attended City Church since 2009. Drew is an attorney at Capes Sokol in Clayton, and his wife is a nurse anesthetist. They are rehabbing a home in the Shaw neighborhood where they live with their daughter. They love to spend time hiking and camping, or doing anything outdoors.

  • Glenn labarre


    Glenn and his wife, Sara, met each other at City Church in 2013. They live in the Fox Park neighborhood where they enjoy gardening, playing music, and watching old British detective shows. Glenn is a web developer and Sara is a high school english teacher.

  • Mike werkheiser


    Mike and his wife Beth have been married since 2003 and have 4 children (2008, 2010, 2013, & 2016). They like to laugh... mostly at/with each other.

  • Justin and his wife Erin live in Dogtown with their son Eoin and daughter Polly. They enjoy sharing meals with friends and neighbors and spending time together at the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, or the park across the street from their house.

  • Amy szymczyk

    (Director of city kids)

    Amy has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and she enjoys the power and art of story and is also a watercolor artist. She loves gardening, making things & painting, usually with her daughter Daisy. Her husband John is often the recipient of their creative projects.

  • Jessica fox


    Jessica has lived in St. Louis for 6 years where she earned her Masters of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary (2013). She lives in Tower Grove East with her roommate and a spunky ginger cat named Gilbert. She enjoys hanging out with friends, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, and cheering on her favorite sports teams - especially the Butler basketball team.

  • Lindsey lutjens


    Lindsey and her husband live in Tower Grove South with their 9 month old daughter. Lindsey was born and raised in St. Louis City. She enjoys eating out at the wide variety of St. Louis restaurants, as well as sharing a meal with friends around their dining room table.

  • Brooke Gocken


    Brooke and her husband Travis have lived in Lafayette Square since 2006.  They stay busy with their two children, Grace and Gavin.  Brooke is a dental hygienist and runs a dental practice.  You will often find them active in the community and enjoy giving back to their neighborhood.

  • Rex Oberle


    Rex and his wife live in the Shaw neighborhood with their son Ike and dog Oscar. He does digital strategy work and enjoys seeing movies and going out to eat in his free time.

  • Nate Van Valkenburg


    Nate lives in Southwest Garden and has attended City Church since 2009. Nate is a software engineer and enjoys hiking, movie nights, pickleball, and entertaining his nieces and nephews.