I'm New.



Visiting a New Church can be Hard. We get it. Here's what you can expect.

We're honored that you're considering joining us to worship God on Sunday. Here's a little bit about how things work around here. If your question or concern isn't addressed below, please get in touch! We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

When you arrive, park in the lot across from our entry doors (on Mississippi), in street parking, or along the park to our immediate northwest. When you come in, you'll be greeted by one of our volunteers-if you have any questions, ask away! Our folks are here to help. Hot coffee and tea can be found in the back-help yourself to a mug (or bring your own-we try not to use too many paper products). Bathrooms for women and children can be found at the top of the stairs in the foyer; and bathrooms for anyone are on the other side of the building, through the doors to the side of the stage area. Sit wherever you like!

Our liturgy is reformed, formal, and relaxed. Those words may not sound like they go together, but here's what we mean--we follow a historically-formed liturgy, but we do so in a comfortable, accessible way. Our liturgy is designed to help us all hear and respond to God's voice in his Word (reformed), is structured so that everyone can participate (formal), and uses down-to-earth language and explanations (relaxed).

Our congregation is (perhaps counter-culturally) all-ages--we believe that the best place for God's people to worship him, from the very youngest to the very oldest, is together as the church. We make it a point to include kids in all parts of our worship without making it about them (if you're skeptical, we get it-but come and experience it for yourself!). That said, we know that sometimes kids have a hard time staying engaged (so do grown-ups, for the record), so we've planned ahead. For kids 0-3, we have a Childcare Co-op -if you're visiting, you're welcome to drop your little (age 0-3) off before the sermon. For everyone, we have two spots with a live-feed of the service (one in the lobby and one upstairs--the upstairs "Reset Room" is also equipped with a private breast-feeding area, some toys and chairs, and a diaper-changing station) where you can step out for a minute to reset before rejoining us in the main room. After church, when weather allows, we open up the doors to the courtyard we share with our next-door neighbor Lafayette Preparatory Academy, to have a good space to connect with one another that's also a secure and fun area for kids to run.

We participate in the Lord's Supper together every Sunday, and invite all baptized Christians (regardless of former or current denominational affiliation or lack thereof) to join us if they have a professed belief in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our pastors (Mike or Justin)-we would be honored to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do people wear?

We don't have a dress-code. Just follow state and local laws and you should be good! That said, people wear all sorts of different clothes. A few can still be found rocking a Sunday morning suit, most people are in business casual or jeans. You can really just come as you are.

Where should I park?

The lot across the street from us on Mississippi. If there aren't spots left there, street parking along Mississippi or Lafayette, or diagonal (drivers'-side front wheel to the curb) along Lafayette Park.

Do you offer childcare during the service?

Yes and no (see above). For kids 0-3, we offer our Childcare Co-op during the sermon (contact Maire Schultz to find out more). Kids of all ages are invited, welcomed, and valued in our worship service.

I'm nervous about my kids being in church. What if they're loud?

It's OK. We're all loud sometimes. When we say kids are welcome, we mean it (even when they're enthusiastic or upset). That said, you can always step out into the lobby or head upstairs to the Reset Room to have a little more space and a chance to settle down before coming back in. Need a little more encouragement? Check our our brief equipping series for parents: 3 P's for Parents in the Pews.

How long does service typically last?

Usually about 80 minutes.

Is City Church's building accessible to people with mobility impairments?

As you may have noticed, City Church inhabits an old building that's full of stairs! BUT there is a safe way to join us, and we'd be honored to help you! Let our deacons know you're planning to visit and we'll tell you how to get to the wheelchair lift (and we'll be ready to help when you arrive!).

How's the coffee?

It's good. And hot. And caffeinated. You'll like it (unless you don't like coffee-there's nothing we can do about that).